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WhatXup is a social media platform for business people across the globe. WhatXup is a groundbreaking social media platform designed exclusively for business professionals worldwide. It aims to connect businesses, foster global partnerships, and provide essential tools for success in today’s competitive digital landscape. In a world where businesses must adapt and innovate to remain competitive, WhatXup.com emerges as a game-changing solution. It connects businesses, fosters global partnerships, and equips companies with the tools they need to succeed in the digital age.

Fully SEO: Be visible! Obtain new customers and generate more traffic. Improve social media shares. Get reviews, manage your business and grow business reputation online. Your company profile can include contacts and description, products and services, photo gallery and your business location on the map, you can even post on newsfeed. 

Key Features of WhatXup

  • Fully SEO Optimized: WhatXup ensures your business profile is highly visible, making it easier for potential customers to find you. This translates into increased website traffic, better social media shares, and the potential for more customer reviews.
  • Comprehensive Business Profiles: WhatXup allows you to create detailed company profiles that include contact information, product and service listings, a photo gallery, and your business location on an interactive map.
  • Newsfeed Posting: Stay connected with your audience by posting updates and news directly on the platform.
  • Global Business Directory: WhatXup connects exporters, importers, and end users, breaking down geographical barriers and fostering international business relationships.
  • Tools for Business Success: WhatXup goes beyond just connecting businesses; it provides essential tools such as virtual business cards, point-of-sale systems, accounting software, ERP solutions, and HR software to help you manage and grow your business effectively.
  • All-Inclusive Platform: WhatXup covers a wide range of business categories. If your niche isn’t listed, they will gladly include it upon request
  • Flexible Pricing: Get started with WhatXup for free, and upgrade your plan as your business grows.
  • Business Room Chat: WhatXup provides free chat rooms for business individuals across the world to meet, connect and transact

We help businesses who need customers to find them across the world. Our platform works in all the areas local customers search which includes online, mobile and more. Unlike the conventional social media networks,

WhatXup tends to connect people and businesses, it is a platform to find any kind of business, we cover virtually all the types of business categories, if your business category is not found please contact us here we will surely include it.

WhatXup does not just connect businesses, it provides tools needed in the business world, though optional you can create and use virtual business card for your organization and your employees, use POS, Accounting, ERP, HR Software to easily manage your business. WhatXup is a complete tool for any type of business. Get started free, upgrade later if you love our platform

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