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A web banner or banner ad is a format of advertising your Products & Services in a simple and visualising way. The main purpose of having banner ad is to attract customers directly by making them clicking on the banner and landing at the right place for which they are searching. Banner advertisements allows you to get your customers eyes on your products & Services in the most targeted and profitable way. Our digital way of banner advertising ensure you reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

You can Place your ads at various locations on our website - on homepage, category page, newsfeed, Marketplace, Article, Blog page, Job, and FAQ. It will attract the attention of your right customers and right audience towards your products & services. We design very nominal & effective ads for our clients to help them to grab attention of people searching for their services ultimately building a BRAND recognition leading to increase in Leads. The recommended size is 460 x 340px. To place an advert, kindly sign up here and click on Ad promotion button in your dashboard. select the duration of the Ad and go ahead to pay for the Ad, your Ad will be pending awaiting approval. Once approved, your Ad comes live. Sign up now

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost to place ads on WhatXup?
A. Pricing solely depends on duration of the ads, we have 25 days, 45 days and 60 days
Q. What durations are available for advertisement?
A. We currently have 25 days, 45 days and 60 days

Q. What sizes of banners are recommended?
A. We recommend 460 x 340 px

Q. Does Ad go to my url or which destination?
A. Yes please, while setting up your ads, you are to insert destination url, this could be your whatsapp link, website address, whatxup page link, website contact page url etc

Q. Can I track Ad views?
A. Yes please, you can easily see where clicks and views are coming from according to countries and states or region

Q. As a free plan user, can i set up Ad placement?

A. Yes please, however you have to pay for the Ad

Q. Can I use video for my Ad?
A. Yes please, video ads are allowed however must be YouTube links

Q. Will I have to select where my Ads are to be displayed among the provided pages?
A. No please. Your Ad will be displayed across our pages at random

Digital Way to Market Your Business

When it comes to WhatXup Online Advertising, accepts no substitutes

The WhatXup has been helping businesses to run ads online to grow locally and globally in a digital way. The directory matches and helps in connecting businesses to the right customers in a digital way through Email & SMS. This is why the Verified Business Contacts gets more benefited on our online business platforms.

Sign up WhatXup Business Directory to Experience that legacy today and let WhatXup turn consumers into customers for you.