Unfortunately, you cannot delete your business reviews, however you can contact the site administrator to request a delete it for you. Please use our "Help & Support" section to request a removal. If the review is unfair, inappropriate or damaging, we will do our best to remove it as soon as possible. Contact us now

You have the right to cancel your membership and we will refund you in full up to 30 days after completing your business submission if you are not fully satisfied. Please read refund policy here

If you are selling physical products on WhatXup, you do not need to upload your products to the directory page separately, it is featured automatically just upload your products to your page and see it featured in the marketplace page automatically. See marketplace

Only one. Please for complete features click here

Our premium plans offer more features and benefits. Free plan has limited features and very restrictive

Here are the benefits under premium plans. Note: Premium plans are Basic, Standard and Pro

  1. Post more products: under Free plan, you can only post two products with just one image per product however with any of our premium plans you can post more products and product images
  2. Post more services: Are you a service based agency? You need more space to post more services, free plan may not be adequate for your business, go for any of our premium plans where you can easily post more services with more images
  3. More listing: If you own more than one businesses, you might need to opt for our Standard or Pro plan because of the ability to post more listings and enjoy more features and benefits
  4. Post videos: Have product or business videos? You need to post them; our premium plans allow you to post more product or business videos basic plan does not allow videos
  5. SEO: Your business, products and services need more visibility, our SEO is very effective and powerful to easily featured your activities on all search engines
  6. Newsfeed: Basic plan cannot post on newsfeed, our newsfeed algorithms is business friendly and achieves 100% visibility. It makes any post goes viral in 5 minutes, it sends post notifications to all our users and visitors via email. 
  7. Campaign Offer: Have any offer? As a premium members you can easily post campaign offer free and it is just like running ads on whatxup
  8. Unlimited Post Notifications: Only available to premium members, when a post is made via newsfeed, all users get instant notification via email, this is an avenue to cheaply promote your business, products and services
  9. Post Jobs: This feature is only available to premium members, it gives them the option to post jobs "unlimited jobs"
  10. Coupon: Premium users can post coupons
  11. Team members: Premium members can post their team members to their page while this is not possible for Free Users
  12. Articles: Premium users can post articles, articles are ways to connect, educate and interact with people. Free users are not eligible
  13. Testimonials: Free users cannot place their testimonials, only premium users can. Testimonials are ways of telling the world how customers feel about your company, products and services
  14. Events: This feature is popular and important, it is made available exclusively to premium users on WhatXup. Have an event coming up soon? make it known to the world as a premium member
  15. File download: Have some files (PDF, MSWord) etc to share with your clients? upload them so it can be downloaded by your clients. Only premium members can enjoy this feature
  16. Poll: An opinion poll, often simply referred to as a survey or a poll (although strictly a poll is an actual election), is a human research survey of public opinion from a particular sample. Opinion polls are usually designed to represent the opinions of a population by conducting a series of questions and then extrapolating generalities in ratio or within confidence intervals. A person who conducts polls is referred to as a pollster. This feature is available to our premium users

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Kindly use the contact page to reach us or you can ask us any question through our email: support@whatxup.com

Currently, we only accept payments via Flutterwave. Other payment gateways to be integrated soon

No! we are not just a business directory platform we are a business social directory for business world. We provide number of business tools that help businesses connect, manage, promote, and organize their activities easily and efficiently. Some of these tools are POS, Account Software, Project, HRM Software and Virtual Business Cards exclusively built for business owners.

Also Whatxup provide marketing tools called WhatXap designed to help businesses capture the market and reach wider audience via SMS, WhatsApp, and Email.

WhatXup has Newsfeed, follow/follower system as well as business and personal page that makes it easily for customers to follow them and get instant updates about their business activities. With several business tools like Offers, Coupon and deals, SEO, Polls, Job posting, Marketplace (For product owners) etc business owners are provided with adequate and helpful tools to help them maximize opportunity and attain business goal.

Why don't you sign up today try our free plan and if you love our platform, please upgrade. Read full details here

Yes please you can list more than one company please check our pricing page

Yes please not only your followers but everyone on Whatxup gets notifications about your post. We believe this notification should not be restricted to only your followers, somebody somewhere might love what you just posted or product and services posted. The notification gets to everyone see newsfeed here

This is probably you are on a FREE plan. Free plan does not support some features hence you would not find them in your dashboard. Please upgrade your account to any of the paid plans. See pricing here

Visitors can contact you asking for a particular product or services however they cannot make payment to you or to anyone for the products and services via WhatXup. Find products here

Articles are subjected to approval, when you post your article, it must go through our admins and get approved before it comes live. Read articles here

Please take a look here

Yes please, placing an ad is simple and direct you can choose to run ads for a certain duration 25 days, 45 and 60 days while our algorithm displays your ads across our platform. Our algorithms help to deliver a targeted ads so you can get good returns, more visibility and results. Stats are also available to see where your Ad views are coming from. Read more here

Please click on Ad promotion on the side bar of your dashboard, then click Create Ad, complete the form and proceed to pay, your ad will be pending awaiting approval, once it is approved your ad comes live. Read more here

Depending on the plan, a free member cannot post an article, as a paid member you can post up to 20 articles per year. This number may increase or reduce in near future

Your listing would be deleted from the listing page however would still be featured in homepage 

No, as we are not a shop. WhatXup has marketplace — here you can sell your stuff, buy goods from real people, find a job on Job posting or services you need. Any deal you make, you make with people. And we exist just to help you connect each other.

We've prepared a few pieces of advice to help you get more result:

1.Pay attention to details

Take relevant pictures of your goods or services, write a clear, detailed description and fill out all the fields in your profile. These will help your customers learn more about you and your product.

2.Make your advert as risk-free as possible

Remember that people are afraid of sending prepayments so we strongly recommend not to request them. Find a way to collaborate with delivery services that allow buyers to pay after they inspect the product and make sure it's what they want.

3.Stay in touch

Don't make potential buyers wait for your replies too long. Instead, be online 

4.Pay attention to your rating

Feel free to ask your customers to leave feedback about their experience with you — the more positive reviews you have, the higher your chances of attracting more buyers.

5.Use Premium Services to get up to 500x more customers!

6. Perfectly design your business page, we have provided several features to help you get more deals and sell more. I believe premium plan will be perfect for you

If you really need to sell something fast, Premium Services are your way out free services are not always the best! Whatever your item is, you’ll get the most effective and unbelievable promotion for it!