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Jessie Janet Dec 03, 2023
What is NFC Printing?

The NFC (Near Field Communication) technology has been with us for a while now, and still a topic many people within the print industry discuss. But what is NFC Printing?

What is NFC Printing?

NFC Printing, which is short for Near Field Communication Printing, is a short-range wireless technology that allows data to pass from one device to another by simply touching them or holding them close together.

How is NFC technology used in printing?

The latest smartphones and tablets have embraced NFC technology – and this development has seen NFC Printing become much more popular, with many seeing it a quick, simple way to print without any fuss.

If your device has NFC technology built into it, then all you have to do is select the file you would like to print, walk over to the printer, hold the device on the NFC-enabled printer for a few seconds, the dedicated app will open up, click print and that’s it – you have your print. That kind of simplicity has attracted many to NFC Printing – and it looks set to be a huge part of the future, particularly in print!

We have also shown you how to use NFC Printing on both the Samsung C1810W Colour Laser Printer and the Samsung M2885FW Mono Laser Multifunction Printer – check out the video below: