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Agewell Healthcare Ltd

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Lagos, NGA


We are AGEWELL Healthcare Incorporated; a pharmaceutical company per-excellence with offices at Texas, USA and Lagos, Nigeria. Our ultimate goal is to positively instigate global wellness through innovative production of unique organic and natural pharmaceutical products that add great value to life
Yes! At AGEWELL Healthcare INC,. we blend diligence with efficiency to deliver highly potent, health-friendly pharmaceutical products; especially our flag-ship product, Agewell Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules, an amazing anti aging dietary supplement with 28 health benefits which has garnered a massive cloud of loyalty worldwide. To us quality healthcare to humanity is paramount therefore, nimbleness is key in our service delivery to optimise our response time to commitments
Our team of visionary professionals have paid their dues in this noble industry and eager not to relent in this quest to achieve global wellness



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Good for everybody
NAFDAC Approval



Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have NAFDAC Number?
Yes please. It is registered in Nigeria with NAFDAC Number
Can pregnant woman take it?
Yes please
Can Nursing mothers take it?
Yes please
Is it good for aged people
AGEWELL Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules is good for both young and aged people
How can I get it?
Please call our line or send us message better still live chat with us via whatsapp

Our Customer Testimonials

John Owuandi Banose

Customer from Abuja

I like Agewell Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules, I have been taking it for 5 months now and I immediately observed the way I sleep these days have changed, I can now sleep well at nights. The product is superb

Ashafe Mujidat


For the glowing I give it to AGEWELL Virgin Coconut oil Capsule, I did not know it would work in the first place I just gave it a try but I was surprised. It's highly recommended

Mr Chioma Davidson


It is the Agewell SlimFit Woman I bought and been taking for 7 months now and i can proudly say the result is visible and everyone can see

Questions & Answers

WhatXup  Claim Biz 
Oct 11, 2023 at 13:29 PM
Does this product have NAFDAC Number? Can children take it?
WhatXup  Agewell Healthcare 
Oct 11, 2023 at 13:29 PM

Yes AGEWELL Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules has NAFDAC Number, we advise 18+

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