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We have one all-consuming passion here at Auto Auction Mall: to help people save money and live better. We do this by helping regular people access exclusive U.S. dealer auctions, where they can save thousands on used, salvaged, or repaired vehicles.

Every day, U.S. car dealerships purchase thousands of used vehicles for pennies on the dollar through exclusive, dealer-only auctions. These auctions include vehicles ranging from complete working order to having major damage. Dealers will pick these cars up at wholesale prices, invest the minimal amount to get them in sellable condition, and then resell them for large margins to the tune of $131 Billion per year.

This never sat well with us. Times are tough for many middle class families, with prices continuing to rise faster than income. We believe that in today’s economy, people should be able to get a fair deal on these vehicles without having to accept the large markups, and so we figured out a way to make that happen.

The Auto Auction Mall method is to use our own dealer license to purchase these vehicles on your behalf. And while getting you the right vehicle for thousands less than you’d pay at a dealer is the main goal, we are really passionate about making sure you are 100% comfortable and confident along the way.

Our website fully automates the process. We help you strategize the best car to buy for your unique needs. We help you identify the best location to buy in order to minimize shipping costs. We help you choose the right vehicle based on whether you want to save more and do some repair work, or are simply looking to save more on a fully working, used vehicle. We even help you finance, ship and register your vehicle, so you are ready to drive as quickly as possible.

What started as a labor of love has grown into a thriving business over the years, as more and more people around the world have come to depend on us to get the vehicles they need at prices they can afford.

We’d love to have you join the family!

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