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Blaster is the way to go, we want you to increase your sales and if you feel the need to reach out to millions of people in Nigeria via Whatsapp without spending much. With Whatsapp Blaster, you can generate active whatsapp numbers for your marketing purposes free of charge and use it to send all your campaigns. Whatsapp Blaster is the cheapest and most effective way to reach millions of people without stress. Compose your message, attach image or video and trigger your bulk message at a click. You can also schedule your message to auto-trigger




Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sign up?
Copy and paste the link on a browser, it will take you to our pricing page, then Click "Get started" Or visit:
What is a blaster?
Whatsapp Blaster is for business people that want to reach potential customers via whasapp messenger, they can reach out and promote their businesses, products and services via whatsapp using blaster. Blaster is a software you can use to send customised campaigns to unlimited number of people depending on the plan chosen
Can you help me handle it?
Yes please, send us your details
How do I get active whatsapp numbers
Once you purchase a plan, you will have access to active phone numbers according to the plan you bought
Can I schedule my campaign
Yes this can be done

Our Customer Testimonials

Samson Adekunle


I like this blaster platform, quite easy to use and full of great features

Olateju Sholape


It is an innovative platform

Why Choose Us


Compare Blaster platform with other advertising platforms, we are highly competitive. As low as One Naira, you can send your message

Free active whatsapp numbers

With more than 50 million active whatsapp numbers in our pocket, we are the first to provide everything needed to get started

First hand service

Are you busy and no time to handle the campaign? We are here to help to forward all your messages

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